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(Merry Music Makers)
Folk group of the National Ukrainian Philharmonic

Vesely Muzyky - 5 brilliant musicians :

Sergiy Khitryakov - bayan (accordion),vocals, music leader;
Pavlo Bugar - woodwind, vocals;
Valeriy Golub - violin, vocals;
Yuri Rizol - percussion, vocals;
Alexander Chukh - bass,vocals;

The group was formed in 1981 and very soon acquired a following in Kiev, which rapidly spread throughout Ukraine. In 1988, they took first place in the All-Ukrainian musical contest. In the same year Veseli Muzyky was admitted into the Ukrainian National Philharmonic and named the best group of the year.
The ensemble has been touring extensively abroad with considerable success performing in Great Britain, Poland, France, Slovakia, the USA, Czech Republic, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, Holland and Finland. They have recorded four albums. Two albums and two video cassettes were recently released in the USA, and a "Best of Veseli Muzyky" CD in Germany.
In 1998 the famous English company" ARC MUSIC» releasedCD
" Veseli Muzyky -Village dance party", and in 2006 “ From Kiev to the Black sea” which is sold in 56 countries of the world.
The ensemble has wide experience of work, both in concert stage performances,

"Veseli Muzyky" perform cheerful, humorous and lyrical folk songs-to the accompaniment of traditional instruments and a-cappella, - as well as thrilling dances. The repertoire of ensemble except popular Ukrainian songs and music includes the extensive list of popular Russian songs, romances, songs of the peoples of the world (American, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Jewish, Czech, Slovak etc.) Taking into account high professionalism of the musicians, the repertoire of performances in the shortest terms is supplemented by music necessary to the customer and spectators.
Our lastest program consists of a kaleidoscope of singing, and music lasting up to 90 minutes, and possesses high professionalism and charming openness.

The minimal structure of groups - 5 musicians.

Trio of soloists "Kozachka".

Virtuozo dulcimer player - Volodimir Poliovchik.

At the request of the customer the structure of the group can be supplemented by the professional actors, with which Veseli Muzyky cooperates constantly and has several different conсert programs

Among them:

Volodymyr Poliovchik – cimbalom (dulcimer);
Tetjana Shkolna - Solo vocal

Popular vocal trio “Kozachka” Tetjana Shkolna, Anastasia Chumachenko, Inna Karzanova

Solo vocal - Tetjana Shkolna

@ "The Ukrainian Word" (Paris, France) "...A show lasting over 90 minutes and featuring a kaleidoscope of non-stop folk music and dance. From the minute "Veseli Muzyky" appeared on stage they won the hearts of the audience that often took to their feet with stormy applause to show their delight and praise..."

@ "Jacobstadt Tiedning" (Jacobstadt, Finland.) "...It was a diverse show. The choice of songs with sparkling and skillful up to bravura instrumental accompaniment and live sense of humor enchanted the audience. ..."

@"MM".(Hochstadt, Germany.) "...For all that the ensemble from Kiev made a top level performance, the audience didn't see poker faces concentrating on the technique of performance. Their, was a joyful and amiable, lively and ingenuous delightful performance - such were "Veseli Muzyky". ..."

@ "North East Metro" (Arlington, USA.) "... What will last forever about the show given by "Veseli Muzyky" is its unusual excellence and skillful performance that is hard to describe - one should not miss their exciting show. ..."

We welcome the opportunity to cooperate with you, and looking forward to hearing your propositions!

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